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Who is Danny Skelly Candidate Running for US Senate in Colorado?

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Who is Danny Skelly? Vote for Danny Skelly for US Senate in Colorado

Gas and Oil in Colorado….

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The Colorado oil and gas industry's employees pay more than $1 Billion in state and local income taxes. That does not include the sales taxes, property taxes and all the other taxes paid by the 90,000 jobs and about $13.5 Billion to Colorado's domestic product. Including 81% of the school trust. Just think about how much money is related to the oil in gas industry as a secondary market.

What Does Danny Think About Protests?

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I believe the 1st amendment gives everyone in this country has the right to assemble peacefully and protest anything they would like. This is a right that CAN NOT be taken away by law or executive order.

What is Danny’s Position on Gun Control?

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It is very clear that our right to keep and bear arms is a right bestowed upon us by the United States Constitution. The state of Colorado has been depending on guns since it was settled. To this day Coloradans in all political parties have guns in their homes and businesses.

Danny Skelly Wants to Help Small Business and Employees

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Small businesses are screaming for help. I hear you! We need to address the the small businesses and employees. We need to focus on helping the right people. Not the huge publicly traded companies.