The Colorado oil and gas industry’s employees pay more than $1 Billion in state and local income taxes. That does not include the sales taxes, property taxes and all the other taxes paid by the 90,000 jobs and about $13.5 Billion to Colorado’s domestic product. Including 81% of the school trust. Just think about how much money is related to the oil in gas industry as a secondary market.

Colorado Oil and Gas Industry
Colorado Oil and Gas Industry

If Colorado gets rid of or regulates the industry too much they need pull out because it is no longer feasible it would be devastating to Colorado and the economy.

I will do everything in my power to help the oil and gas industry continue to add the the Colorado economy. I will make sure they safely operate in the state of Colorado with a balance of making money and keep the environment safe.

Danny Skelly

It is very important that we continue to allow the oil and gas industry to operate and add the taxes they add to our state’s economy. There is no industries that can take the place of oil and gas industry. There is nothing feasible to replace it as a fuel source or to generate the amount of money that is generate from the industry.

Oil and gas is very important for the world as well as Colorado. The fact is if we do not produce it here there are plenty of states and countries that are willing to take the place of our state for production. Currently Colorado is #3 in this country for oil and gas production.

There are plenty safety precautions in place for the environment and employees in the industry. Everyday there are more industry guidance in place by the federal government and the self imposed precautions to make the industry safe.

Although I completely support the oil and gas industry and production, I continue to remain open to other options. The issue is these new options need to be able to replace the jobs and tax revenue that is currently generated by the industry if it is to be replaced by another fuel. There is not currently another option that the market demands and is feasible to replace the oil and gas industry.