In this world of so many moderates and people that fall in the middle this is the year for the bipartisan unaffiliated candidate. People see the far left left and far right argue on social media thinking that is the breakdown of everyone in the country. The data below says something very different.

Voter Breakdown in Colorado

This is voter registration statistics as of last month according to

Unaffiliated Voters: 1,394,000
Other: 40,000
Dem: 1,050,000
Rep: 969,000

How Can an Independent Unaffiliated Win the US Senate?

With these numbers I will need 50% -60% of unaffiliated, 25% of other and 17% -22% of each Democrat and Republicans that are tired of the career politics and not being represented. This is just one path to the senate for me. There are other more complex scenarios that will get us a win. This is just the easiest one to understand and easiest to accomplish.

There are a thousand ways the numbers work for an independent candidate to win the US Senate seat in Colorado. This is the year people are tired of the same politics. We have seen what career politicians have been doing to this country. How they need to divide us to stay in power. Voters are signaling they want to see this country come together. Only the for left and far right want to continue this battle they are forcing the American people fight. This is not a time for us to fight! It is a time for us to come together.

Danny Skelly
Danny Skelly